Confirmed speakers

  1. Svetlana GELPERINA, Mendeleev University, Moscow, Russia 
        “Nanoparticles for Brain Delivery with Focus on Brain Tumors” 

  2. Giancarlo RUOCCO, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia and University, Rome, Italy
        “From Super-resolution to high Throughput BRILLOUIN Microscopy at CLNS” 

  3. Vladimir KOMLEV,  Baikov Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
         “3D Tissue Fabrication at International Space Station: First Experiments”

  4. Prof. James Fawcett, University of Cambridge

  5. Prof. Robert Zorec, University of Ljubljana, Medical Faculty, Inst. of Pathophysiology

  6. Prof. Miloš Pěkný, University of Goteborg, Dept. of Clinical Neuroscience

  7. Prof. Zaal Kokaia, Lund University, Department of Clinical Sciences, Division of Neurology

  8. Alexei Verkhradsky, University of Manchester, Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health

      More to be announced soon.

Confirmed participants and partners

Conference Agenda

Agenda will be announced soon.